I have been teaching well being for 15 years. I started my career as a banker for ten years, and decided to quit after because it was too stressful. I wanted to grow old gracefully, and knew banking would age me. At 32, I changed career and started teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic. As I was teaching  Pilates, I also started learning crystals,  meditation, tai chi, essential oils casually. I also started running, swimming, go karting to maintain my fitness. I am now 47 years old. I started seeing how all my  activities were inter-related to each other as I would always try to  be more effective and efficient. For example, I used to do one movement in tai chi repeatedly for 45 minutes, and I got bored. My mind would repeat these words,” This is boring! What is the point of this?” I realised it was my ego talking so I started meditating. My mind naturally started to chatter less, and I  was just moving with energy.
I have been meditating for ten years, at least one hour a day. The benefits are phenomenal. I have learnt patience, grace, and calmness that no school and college could teach me. From meditation, you learn to hear energy and to nurture your intuition from your heart. You will learn the truth by being you.


I also have a keen interest in Astrology. I am a Pisces, and I read somewhere that Pisceans were related to the body part of the feet. I thought this was funny as it was my weakest part of my body as I used to have bunions. And my second weakest part of my body is my digestive system, and it is the opposite house of Pisces, Virgo. Then 90 degrees to these signs are Gemini and Sagittarius. It is true I had to learn how to breathe deeply as the lungs are related to Gemini, and my thighs have always been too large so I avoid squats and do lunges to maintain the “slimness of my thighs”. In essence, to thoroughly understand your body, one has to go through the entire astrological signs and learn each part of your body progressively to come to balance.


From a broad perspective, we humans live on earth. We are part of a whole system of the universe. The sun, moon, planets and stars affect the push and pull of forces on earth. The ebb and flow of energies affect everything on earth. It affects water, agriculture, animals, nature, minerals, climate, our food, and as humans we consume all this in our bodies. So we are an integral part of the universe. As the energies are flowing into our bodies, our own body and organs resonate with the universal energy and tries to find balance. But if one is busy trying to be somebody, in the end you lose your true essence. You forget how just to BE. You lose yourself in the web of being pulled in all directions from the universe and your own desires which this is called stress on the body. In order to find true health, one must go inside of your body and learn the inner beauty of the spectrum of the universe inside of you. When you discover the endless potential inside of you, you will become beauty inside and outside. You will become radiant inside and outside. You will become a STAR.
To be your true self is the elixir of life.
Now you have to ask yourself, “To be or not to be”.

How to start learning about BEING?

My aim is to give you as much tools, tips and general knowledge, and get the most out of an exercise format. My approach is wholistic and comes from various perspectives: eastern and western. I do believe, we can slow down the aging process but we may have forgotten due to everyday responsibilities. We frequently forget to look after ourselves and just have no time. So I created two minute videos that you can do on a daily basis.


Let’s say, you are an Aries (21 March- 20 Apr), choose two 2 minute video under Aries and do for 21 days. Try to be consistent. Then on 22nd day, choose two exercises under Libra and do four 2-minute videos (Aries and Libra). On 43rd day, choose an exercise 90 degrees to Aries, which is Cancer. Do five 2- minute videos. On 64th day, choose one exercise under Capricorn and do six 2-minute videos. Feel free to opt for more exercises as long as you can do it for 21 days straight. When we are gentle with ourselves in terms of getting into a routine, slowly you will see how effective these healthy tips are to overall BEING.

Source : Polarity Therapy Chart

What kind of results can you expect?

The way I train my body for overall health is to understand my body rhythm in relation to different times of the day. I learnt to run at the hottest time of the day at 1pm with the least oxygen in the air and going up and down hills for 2.5 km. I learnt to swim at 6am and at 9pm when the water was cold. Running or swimming at different temperatures builds strength and immunity. And I realised I was teaching myself the ebb and flow of the weather changes. So if you understand each astrological sign, and there will be signs you do not connect well just like you may dislike exercises. This is a reason why you should do the exercise you dislike. Because once you experience why you hate the exercise in your mind but you continue to pursue. Eventually you will break barriers and you will find some inner strength you never knew it was there.

Source: Understanding the zodiac within

As you see the diagram above the sine wave, at Aries it is at 6am. I started exercising at 5.30am, Pisces time. I could never wake up early. I really had to force myself. Eventually I got into the habit in seeing the sunrise, and it gave me the positive outlook and more energy for the rest of the day.
Also I noticed, I like running up and down terrain. I get bored easily when I run on flat terrain. So when things are quiet and serene like the winter and autumn period, I get bored with the silence. I started meditating whilst running on flat terrain, and it helped me to be calm, less hyper and more patient in my everyday life.
From learning to overcome some mental blocks or barriers, I learnt to become patient, and my immune system started to improve tremendously as my chronic excema started to disappear.

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